Position: Director of Youth Ministries

Status: Full-Time

Compensation: Salary, Parsonage and Benefits

The Role of The Director of Youth Ministries

Searcy is a city of 25,000 people and the median age is 29. A significant number of people in our community and church have teenage children. There are two

high schools within our ministry area. The Director of Youth Ministries will be the primary leader of this ministry.

 Your Team

·          This position reports to the Senior Pastor.

·          This position relates to the other ministry staff, youth interns, volunteer leaders in the student ministry, and junior high and high school students.

·          You will participate in monthly staff meetings and some leadership retreats.

 Goals and Expectations

·         Jump right into the Ministry team, as well as the programs and ministries for our youth.

·         Bring skills and experiences to provide quality leadership to existing programs, people and students.

·         Improve the quality of our youth ministry service, evidenced partly by increased attendance and participation.

·         Build a leadership pipeline that results in committed volunteers who love Jesus and love students.

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks

1.    Recruit, train and disciple adult leaders who can lead students from where they are to where God wants them to be.

2.    Serve as the primary communicator for our weekly youth ministry service on Sunday nights.

3.    Either lead Sunday School time or equip an adult volunteer to lead the class.

4.    Serve the Wednesday night program by equipping small group leaders with the tools and resources they need to help youth move from where they are to where God wants them to be.

5.    Communicate clearly and effectively with parents, volunteers, leaders, and the rest of the church (so they know what great things are happening).

6.    Plan and lead a yearly mission trip (Ozark Mission Project).

7.    Plan key events around milestones in the life of a student.

8.    Take youth to conference youth events like Veritas and Assembly.

9.    Maintain visible profile in worship & greater ministry of the church.

10. Provide reports to Administrative Council.

11. Plan youth outreach activities.

12. Plan family events.

13. Eat lunch with youth at schools.

Key Performance Indicators

The youth ministry growth strategy mirrors the growth strategy of the church, which is…

1. Engage the community and invite them to church.

2. Ensure a quality experience that triggers involvement and spiritual questions.

3. Connect people to small groups, where discipleship is likely to occur.

 With that strategy in mind, the director of youth ministries will be evaluated on the following three metrics.

1. Increase attendance at the student service.

·         Plan 3-5 “big days” that are hyper-focused on reaching new students

·         Create a culture of inviting so students bring their friends to church

·         Create an active presence on social media.

2. Continue to grow the youth small group ministry.

·         Recruit mentor-volunteers for small groups.

·         Create a training and long-term care program to ensure the health of leaders  and volunteers.

·         Champion the vision and purpose of small groups to students and give them opportunities to engage in new groups.

3. Re-organize the volunteer leadership structure to ensure people are serving in their areas of strength and passion.

·         Create an advisory team by the end of year one.

·         Create a volunteer training and discipleship system.

 Candidate Profile

·         You love Jesus.

·         You love the local church.

·         You are committed to a Wesleyan-Methodist theological framework

·         You love teenagers and their families.

·         You embody the core values of Saint Paul UMC.

·         You have a strong work ethic and a “get it done” mentality.

·         You have an attitude of constant improvement.

·         You are teachable.

·         You love working with people and you’re not a lone ranger.

·         You can manage projects.

·         You are a planner.

·         You have great references.

·         If you are married, you are a good spouse. If you have kids, you are a good parent.


Formal education is not required; however, a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred. The successful

candidate will have a proven track record of ministry in the local church.


Three specific skills stand out:

1.    Working with a team. You know how to pull great people together to accomplish significant tasks. You recognize that a team is stronger than an individual and involve other people in the process. You are a leader.

2.    Communication. You are strong in written and verbal communication. You know how to make things better. You know how to make good decisions that will reflect relationships over profits with our members.

3.    Leading People. Your primary ministry is not directly with students but with adults who work closely with students. Obviously, you must love students, but you will accomplish far more by building a team of adults. Your love for people must trump your love for teaching.


Your Schedule

·         To be determined, but to include all Wednesday & Sunday activities.

·         You participate in monthly staff meetings.

·         You stay in touch with your supervisor (Senior Pastor) on a daily basis.